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Flight Operations

Our pilots have the opportunity to fly to a wide variety of destinations, including some of the world’s most challenging routes while experience different places and cultures. For an all-cargo pilot, Cargolux Italia offers the opportunity to fly unique shipments across the world with our fleet of four Boeing 747-400Fs.

Cargolux Italia has an international team of people from various cultures and backgrounds, driven by dedication and passion. Our pilots are not simply pilots, they are ambassadors for our company and represent our high standards and excellence wherever they go.

Our Flight Operations Department is responsible for all aspects regarding crew and flight activity.

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Ground Operations

Ground Operations ensures and controls all functions related to ground handling and cargo operations in accordance with defined standards and with requirements by the applicable authorities (Civil Aviation and EASA Air Opetions).

Its main activities are:

  • Acceptance and handling of cargo, including special cargo (dangerous goods, live animals, temperature-sensitive cargo)
  • Load control
  • Passenger and baggage handling

Special attention is given to staff training in order to develop the job-related skill, enhance the contribution to the company and to guarantee safety. 

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