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Our Expertise

The Maintenance and Engineering Division of Cargolux is dedicated to supporting our fleet of Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 freighter aircraft. We are focused on providing top quality support which is measured by our exceptional dispatch success.

Specialized line hangar and shop personnel are our key asset in achieving great results. Training, from the early stages of apprenticeship all the way up to our most skilled staff, is part of our culture.


Our most valuable resource is our skilled and conscientious maintenance workforce. At present, we have 300 direct maintenance staff working in the line, hangar and shop environments. The remaining staff consists of engineers, material management, shipping receiving, technical records and people who support the maintenance operation. The prominence of technical expertise among our staff is credited to our policy of carefully selecting employees from the industry and maintaining an in-house apprenticeship program for the development of our future workforce. The apprentice program ensures that young dynamic students are able to achieve their ambitions within the aeronautical engineering field.

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