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CV select+ is an exciting new addition to Cargolux’s extensive product portfolio. It complements and enhances capabilities, presenting you with a number of unique advantages that can be combined with any of our eight core products.

CV select+ features preferred access to premium capacity combined with our long-standing expertise and detailed attention to the specificities of different commodities. 
In addition, CV select+ offers vastly reduced cut off time up to 30 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure.

CV select+ takes the CV select engagement to yet a higher service level.

Your shipment requires premium commitment, guaranteed access to capacity and reduced cut-off time ?
CV select+ is the solution.

Enhance each of our 8 core products with the exclusive CV select+ features* :

  • Guaranteed access to capacity
  • Priority space on the aircraft
  • Fly as booked confirmation
  • Airport to airport service
  • Real time status update (track and trace)
  • Reduced cut-off time up to 30 minutes

* Applicable to all flights departing Luxembourg starting 15 June
* Minimum CWT: 1650 kg
* Direct delivery into LUX by customer (exclusive truck)
* Rate on request

Please download our CV Select+ brochure here

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